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One of the First Times After

            Easter Sunday, 31 March 2002

One of the first times after: church,
and Easter Sunday. Good Friday
we had skipped: too soon, and too severe
a day. The days of our desertion,

no resurrection yet. If it were thus,
already, brethren, he would be
the one to hold the chalice to my lips:
long now since he had the strength for this.

Christmas last he struggled into vestments,
held the bread-filled paten up; the cup,
its taste of silver and sweet wine,
not quite enough to bind us,

fractious family, his slow diminishment
our own unhealing wound. He couldn’t say
the blessing till he’d gone to pee:
we waited with our silent fears and prayers.

We far-flung sisters had just one more chance,
communion at his bed. Surrendered now,
a calm and grateful ring of chairs,
a loving colleague with the book,

my father’s lines now his. Too weak
for words, propped up, he took it in –
a deeper feeding than the drip
we let him veto, swabbing out his mouth,

and letting, breath by breath, the spirit go.      
Here, in the pew, a stoic three-some,
we bear the sermon and the intercession
made for us, bereaved; but leave – no, flee –

during the last verse of the closing
hymn. My mother, capable of facing
up to anything but sympathy,
and we, too, glad of the escape:

the congregation’s sincere looks,
this mutilated Eucharist,
the wrong priest’s hearty clasp.



From A Fold in the Map (2007)



























The Gipsy Hill Tavern
79 Gipsy Hill
SE19 1QY