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I am currently working on a collaboration with Scottish artist Douglas Robertson, inspired by DH Lawrence's poems in Birds, Beasts and Flowers. More detail and images can be found here and in forthcoming journal publications.


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 The Moving Finger

The moving finger writes, and having writ,

moves on, my Yorkshire granddad would recite,

one cheek traced with the gas tears from the Somme

he always smiled through, as I listened, rapt.


He’d sketch arthritic cursive in the air

to illustrate the verse and I was sure

that fate’s so-certain digit looked like that.

I’d murmur caravanserai, Omar,


delicious phrasings to rehearse with him,

tasting the sounds – Khayyam, and Rubaiyat

not sure my grandma liked the talk of wine

and song, strong words for girls, such opiate poems!


I think now of the brimming cup that clears

today our past regrets and future fears,

and muse on theirs. Did she prefer it

when he quoted Owen?  I run my fingers


down his treasured miniature, of softest kid,

wondering how close the well-thumbed pages came

to blood. The book keeps mum, as they all did.

Nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.





In memory of Frank Metcalf Dixon

(who fought in two World Wars,

& of my great-uncles, his brothers, one of whom was wounded in WWI, 

& of their comrades who didn't return home as they did)