You can find my recordings of several of my poems on The Poetry Archive.

Some TV news: I was proud to have been able to contribute to a beautifully made documentary, presented by Owen Sheers, about David Jones's great World War I poem In Parenthesis, now no longer on BBC iPlayer unfortunately, but you can buy a download of it from the BBC website.

A clip of my reading of 'Late Knowledge' in memory of The Cradock Four, for Bloodaxe's Hwaet! anthology launch at Ledbury Poetry Festival, celebrating poems from 20 years of the festival, July 2016.

Much Ado About Marnie, as part of Camarade III, at the Nova Festival. Hitchcock at hilariously waterlogged British summer festival ... watch for the worm finale...

 Reading 'Plenty', at the Poetry Parnassus Salt Celebration, Southbank, London, 30 June 2012

Julian Sands on BBC Radio 4 and audio of 'Toktokkie' and 'valentine' at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, August 2011.

Women for Women International's Women's Day reading: Join Me on the Bridge, March 2011.

'Truths & Reconciliations' and a clip from Nelson Mandela Day at the British Museum, 18 July 2010.

Reading 'The Buried Butterfly' at Oxfam, Marylebone High Street, Manhattan Review launch, March 2009.